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Super Dust Tecni Art Texturize

Super Dust


  • Texturize

  • Volume

Volume & texture powder


  • All hair types


  • Volume and texture
  • Grip
  • strong bodyfying effect
  • Matt finish


Kaya akan bubuk mineral untuk hasilkan rambut yang lebih bervolume.

Volume and texture hair powder untuk hasil rambut yang bervolume. Bagaimana caranya mendapatkan rambut yang bervolume? Kocok produk sebelum digunakan dan taburkan pada telapak tangan Anda. Usapkan pada rambut kering hingga ujung rambut untuk membuat rambut Anda bervolume. Untuk lebih bervolume lagi, taburkan pada akar rambut, kocok kemasan 1 cm dari kepala Anda. Sangat berguna untuk menghasilkan model rambut yang bervolumme dan membuatnya mudah disisir.

Volume TecniArt Hair Result Photo

Step-by-step Shagg Styling

Loukina Ekaterina Hairdresser Photo
Loukina Ekaterina Hairdresser Photo

Ekaterina Loukina

Top stylist of salon Ray Life

It goes without saying that 70's are in trend now. Natural look mixes up with messy style. It was the «Blondie»’s frontwoman Dabby Harry at the dawn of her career who inspired me to create «Shaggy» hairstyle.

Find your salon to get the look

  1. Shagg Styling Protocol Step 1 Image



    at home 5 mn

    Apply Next Day Hair Wild Stylers by tecni.ART spray on wet hair and blow dry working more on the roots.

  2. Shagg Styling Protocol Step 2 Image



    at home 5 mn

    Style the hair with a flat iron to have some broken hair effect.

  3. Shagg Styling Protocol Step 3 Image



    at home 2 mn

    Finish the style with the spray Super Dust from tecni.ART to have an additional volume and texture.

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Super Dust Tecni Art Texturize

Super Dust

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