Discover the new look PARISIAN COOLwith Alexa Chung

Dapatkan gaya Parisian Cool yang berkelas bersama Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung, London It Girl, proves us that there is no need to be Parisian to have a unique Parisian icy hair color.

3 Parisian girls show you how to be cool like a Parisian.

Have a look at the Parisian Cool Hair Color of Margaux Avril

Dengan Palet warna Paris yang beragam Anda akan mendapatkan warna rambut Paris terbaik.


Parisian, Musician

She is a Parisian blond, and a very cool one !

With the Parisian Cool palette and the unique « Color Me French » technique, her colorist created a tailor-made ash blond with icy contrasts.

Exclusively achieved by Denis do Amaral with Majirel and Dia Light.

Discover the Parisian Cool Hair Color of Morgane Polanski

Gabungan antara teknik pewarnaan dan produk Color Me French dapat mengeluarkan potensi terbaik dari rambut Anda.


Parisian, Comedian

She is a Parisian chestnut living in London. Her colorist used the
« Color Me French » technique to get her the perfect cool hair color that she wanted.

Exclusively achieved by Sacha de Carteret with Dia Richesse and Dia Light.

Have a look at the Parisian Cool Hair Color of Sarah Benziane

Dapatkan warna berkilau terbaik dengan Color Me French.


Parisian, Blogger

She is a Parisian Brunette. Her colorist used a duo of cool shades to twist her hair color and give her subtle, icy reflects.

Exclusively achieved by Benjamin Stalter with Majirel.


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Temukan rahasia dari Parisian Cool Hair Color dari Morgane Polanski
Dapatkan warna blonde terbaik dengan menggunakan rangkaian produk pewarna rambut dari L'Oréal Professionnel
Warna rambut ala orang Paris dapat Anda dapatkan dengan rangkaian produk pewarna rambut dari L'Oréal Professionnel

Colorist terbaik menggunakan Color Me French untuk mendapatkan warna terbaik dan mengeluarkan pesona terbaik Anda.