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Behind the scenes withHailey Baldwin

ProFiber Backstage

As a global rising star, Hailey Baldwin is constantly dealing with new hairstyles and haircuts. Backstage, she shares with us what her hair really needs: reparation. Not just any reparation, but the kind that lasts. That explains why she was instantly convinced by Pro Fiber...

ProFiber Backstage
ProFiber Backstage
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ProFiber Backstage
ProFiber Backstage
ProFiber Backstage

The secret for long-lasting repair? Pro Fiber Re-Charge

@Xeniaoverdose meets Giulio to Try Pro Fiber for you

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Xenia van der Woodsen

Lifestyle & fashion blogger

Giulio Panciera
Fashion hairdresser

ProFiber offered a range perfectly adapted to her level of hair-damage. It’s safe to say her and I had a blast trying it out, and were 100% convinced with the results. Xenia’s hair looked absolutely flawless!

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    Khusus di salon

    The PRO FIBER protocol is personalized and based on a unique Hair Damage Evaluation diagnosis carried out by the hairdresser in order to assess hair damage and select products adapted to the level of sensitization of your hair fiber.

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    Khusus di salon

    After the diagnosis, the hairdresser applies the specific hair treatment : to resurface hair with a damaged cuticle - RECTIFY, to repair hair with a damaged cuticle and cortex - RESTORE, or to restructure hair with a very damaged cortex - RECONSTRUCT. And now, NEW RE-CREATE, to repair and re-materialize hair thinned by damage.

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    Di Rumah

    The hairdresser prescribes the at-home program for a long-lasting** effect, of six weeks*** of continuous treatment.

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15 years ofResearch

Pro Fiber

Patricia Pineau
L’Oréal’s Scientific Communications Director

It’s the best formula ever achieved in the field of damaged hair.

After 15 years of intense research and 15 patents pending, L’Oréal’s Research laboratories have developed the most sophisticated haircare technology to date: the APTYL 100 molecular complex. By combining Aminosilane with a unique cationic polymer, L’Oréal Research has, for the first time, paved the way to a new generation of long-lasting* haircare. L’Oréal Research has performed numerous tests to demonstrate both the efficacy and durability of APTYL 100.

For 4 different states of damage

ProFiber Quote
ProFiber Quote

Inspired by L’Oréal Research’s understanding of damaged hair, L’Oréal Professionnel has identified 4 states of damaged hair:

• State 1, only the cuticle is affected.
• State 2, the cuticle and cortex are both affected.
• State 3 : the cuticle and cortex are very damaged.
• State 4 : the cortex becomes porous and the fiber is thinned by damage.

4 specific ranges for a targeted response:

RECTIFY – level 1
RESTORE – level 2
RE-CREATE – level 4